Getting a Job via LinkedIn

Posted on: June 26, 2011

As graduation is fast approaching for me in the the next year, I have begun to research what jobs are available and what I need to do to get them. Since I am a communications major, social media is helping me accomplish this goal more and more. As I was reading through Mashable, I cam upon an article about LinkedIn and how it is helping people land the jobs they were looking for. The article said LinkedIn received about 85,000 job applications in the past year. And this was with out the count of people that people via LinkedIn contacted people on their own. This alone was reason enough for me to join. With the job market being the way it is today, anything that helps is wonderful. With over 1 million users, this social media tool has changed the way business are looking for employees. This beneficial tool is helping many job seekers connect with positions and companies for jobs from engineering to sales. With this beneficial form of social media available to anyone, it wouldn’t make sense not to join.



Mashable Articles:


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