New York Times Going Digital

Posted on: July 22, 2011

The New York Times has recently added 281,000 digital subscribers in the last quarter for their online edition of the newspaper. With the print versions of newspapers decreasing in sales every year, the New York Times has taken a new approach. They are now offering digital versions of their newspaper for online  use or on tools such as the iPad.

The price for this new digital subscription is more appealing as well, with the price of $0.99 for a four-week trial instead of the $15 or $35 print version. It is easy to see why this option is much more appealing in today’s economy.

This new option of receiving this online subscription to a newspaper rather than the print option, according to the mashable article, is said to be a long-term option with the New York Times.

With how much more economical and easy it is to purchase this new way of reading the newspaper, it appears to be a long-lasting choice for all the newspaper subscribers out there.

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