Social Media and Jobs

Posted on: July 23, 2011

With how fast the world of social media is growing, its no surprise that you can now get a job through it as well as in it. While reading through a article about how to leverage social media for career success.

I began to realize these tools that have been created are actually helping us reach more potential job opportunities and securing more jobs than we have been in the past few years. Before we turned in our paper resume and called or went by to check if we have been hired. Now, we simply search online and we can apply for as many jobs as we wish. The best part is online tools such as Twitter and Facebook post jobs on a regular basis, so we are constantly updated with potential opportunities.

Also, companies are now looking for people who have skills in social media. So this creates even more job opportunities for the communications majors. Overall, social media is a great help in the job industry. Whether you are skilled in social media or just need to apply for a job, this new fad is the most helpful source that you can find.

Mashable Article:


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